As I begin this page, the current state of science is somewhat broken. We are on the cusp of discovery, but there is a great truth that Mainstream Science has yet to acknowledge. It has incredible implications across all disciplines and is quickly becoming the elephant in the room that folks like NASA, Hawking, Tyson, and Nye will no longer be able to ignore.

The Universe Is Electric.

Massive Streams of invisible current connect Galaxies, Stars, and Planets. The behavior of Electrified Plasma rules the universe, not Gravity. At the core of Everything is Magnetism, which we barely even comprehend. Tiny electric and magnetic forces bind atoms, and massive ones bind the cosmos. Gravity is merely the electrostatic attractive force we call Static Cling, but on a different scale than we are used to. This is the premise of my #StaticGravity Series.

If you are a fan of Mainstream Science, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Space-Time Fabric, you may be in for a few surprises. If, however, you are a fan of guys like Tesla and Faraday, then you might already know that the research for this has actually been going on for decades.

My introduction to The Electric Universe was through The Thunderbolts Project, who pieced together the connection between Global Archetypes and Plasma Science. Ancient Mythology does, in fact, depict an Electric Universe, and now we have the means to study it.

All of my research and subsequent discoveries began with a handful of thread and some static charged balloons…

#StaticGravity – The Structure Of Everything…